A fintech value proposition for ETC. by BT

Assigned by BT incubator (ETC.), we took on the challenge to shape a unique fintech value proposition. Guided by the rising trend in online money transfers, we delved into the realm of remittances, discovering a market gap. Our journey involved extensive user research, crafting insights, and designing an App to bridge the identified gap.

I took complete ownership of the discovery and UX work, successfully leading two rounds of user research, creating insightful presentations and a prototype.


ETC. by BT


Lead UX Designer




User Research

After conducting two rounds of user interviews and desk research, we gained valuable insights into the money transfer market and identified opportunities for innovation and differentiation.

User Interview Participants

We interviewed 13 participants from 9 countries and conducted 4 panel interviews with family members to understand family dynamics. We identified key implications for the proposition, including instant access, messaging integration, emotional connection, and incentivizing remitters.

Findings from user research

Current offers focus on the transfer itself, lacking true affordability and speed.

Emotional aspects of remittances often neglected.

Less developed economies face challenges with physical money.

Desk Research

Competitive landscape
“Cheap, fast and secure”

Current offers focus on the transfer itself. The slogan 90% of the competitors use was born out of the customer problems.‍

Easy admin vs Low Cost Matrix

We have observed that a lot of apps in this area have a rather cold and business-like appearance and tone of voice.

Established vs Challengers. Klarna and Novi present the user with a lighter and more engaging interface.


Before starting to sketch, I defined the user journeys that needed to be covered in the prototype. These journeys cover the entire happy path for both the new remitter (the sender) and remittee (the receiver).

Prototype – User Journeys

After sketching out some possible solutions, I built a wireframe prototype that incorporated not only best practices but also insights from the discovery interviews.

The main goal of this phase was to design something that addresses the emotional aspect of remittances. Unlike the financial and cold feeling of aesthetics and tone of voice of well-known players like Wise and Remitly.

UX Wireframes Prototype

After having the prototype in a good place we went into testing to validate what we have built.

The user testing consisted in a task based session, were we took 9 users through the entire journey. Based on the feedback received from the testing, we created a second iteration of the prototype, incorporating user feedback.


ETC. by BT got a strong proposition supported by a best in class prototype. ETC. extended their contract during the project and awarded further work to Somo because of the work developed.

Other work