A redesign for an automative titan

Audi of America wanted to redesign their ownership portal as it did not reflect the brand experience. One of the main issues was relying on Audi Germany's legacy integrations, which compromised the user experience.

As the lead UX designer, I was responsible for conducting user research, user testing, best practices research and to explore UX concepts for the platform redesign.


Audi of America


Lead UX Designer




The legacy portal

The portal is a place where customers can manage their accounts, including Audi financial services, configurations and reservations, tutorial content, and Audi Connect capabilities.

Owners don't rely on Audi for online ownership as they only need to engage during early stages, such as learning and setting up services. The car itself is the main focus of ownership, and users expect their in-car experience to be reflected online. Limited content and functionality on German myAudi site has led to reduced user expectations.

Analytics and data on the legacy portal

Audi had access to a significant amount of data gathered by a third party. This data was analyzed to determine which features were deemed essential by users and which ones were considered to be additional benefits. The insights gained from this analysis helped us prioritize features that would deliver an enhanced experience.

Feature Prioritisation & Content Audit
Competitive landscape

Even leading automotive players offer standard, imitative features with straightforward usability in their digital platforms.

The new portal

Testing navigation concepts

We tested three navigation concepts to provide a clear account overview. The concepts were tested to validate assumptions and see which approach scored higher on success metrics while maintaining the brand's premium feel.

The two Navigation Concepts Taken Into Testing

User Testing l Results
Testing layout concepts

After validating the navigation paradigm we tested diferent layout approaches.

Designs Taken Into Testing

The card-based approach demonstrated better performance in terms of task completion and overall user satisfaction. Its clear structure on the page enables users to quickly identify items that require immediate attention, thus facilitating essential tasks with just 2-3 clicks.

The three levels of content interaction


This project empowered Audi of America to achieve creative autonomy within market-specific digital platforms.

A long term vision for the myAudi portal was delivered and all states of the MVP and Phase 2 components were complete.

Following the completion of the project, Somo and Audi of America (AoA) received an invitation to collaborate on the redesign of the electric vehicle experience within the myAudi App. Project that I assumed the role of the lead UX Designer.

Other work